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A Supportive Community, Dedicated To Your Success

Women Who Freelance is the largest community of women-identifying freelancers in Canada, dedicated to supporting women of diverse skillsets to confidently build and grow their freelance businesses.

We are committed to the professional and economic advancement of women through community participation, networking and educational resources.


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The Women Who Freelance Directory is an online database that connects freelancing women across a myriad of expertise to potential clients looking for those skillsets. Visitors will be able to search for local freelance experts, view their work and reach out to them directly to learn more.

Our goal is to create visibility for women freelancers across Canada, showcasing their talent and increasing their access to new opportunities.

This is an intimate group of passionate freelancers who are honest, helpful and real – you’ll feel comfortable chatting about money, social media, self-care and everything in-between. After arriving from NY to Toronto, Women Who Freelance was the first safe space I found and I’m so glad I did.

Esther Mund | Personal Brand Designer

Women Who Freelance is a beautiful group where women can flourish, network and simply make friends. After moving from Paris, I was struggling with building a network and WWF made connections very easy. They put real emphasis on support over competition, which is what makes this community so special!

Ice Baibolova | Multimedia Designer

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