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Bojana Dee
Toronto, ON

They call me the “Soul Doctor” because after just one session with me you’ll be feeling great and vibrating high. I teach you how to master yourself and let go of subconscious programming, toxic patterns & self limiting beliefs, and guide you into becoming the very version of you, you were designed to be. I have been gifted with the ability to glimpse into your soul, and to read & understand your energy in a way that is completely unique. My healing abilities are powerful because I can quickly shift your energy and raise your vibrational frequency.

When I’m not in client session, I create reiki infused gemstone jewelry and aromatherapy products for the body & soul.

Describe your ideal client: If you are struggling in any part of your life, feel lost, broken and blind to the way forward, or you’re simply on a deep spiritual journey, I can offer support & guidance.

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Women Who Freelance
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