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Women Who Freelance Community Connect

DATE: JUNE 16, 2021

Fire Campaign Content Planning ft. Monique Hutson

In this workshop, Monique Hutson from Dom Productions will share her best tips on creating a campaign planning timeline and content distribution strategy to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time, and to the right person.

Are you ready to give your campaign strategy the TLC it deserves? Join our workshop to learn:

  • Where to promote your campaign depending on your business
  • How to effectively plan your campaign to get the exposure you deserve
  • How to reuse your high-quality content across multiple platforms
Women Who Freelance Community Connect

DATE: JUNE 2nd, 2021

Winning The Web ft Abigail Regucera

In this workshop Creative Strategist & Designer Abigail Regucera will break down website optimization best practices, and share some actionable steps that you can take to improve your website. Join our workshop to learn about:

  • Best SEO practices to make your site search-friendly
  • Creating a user experience that increases conversions
  • Coming up with compelling calls to actions to guide your visitors
  • Ensuring your website is working exactly as hard as it should
  • Digital accessibility best practices
Women Who Freelance Community Connect

DATE: MAY 19TH, 2021

Community Connect ft. Alegoria Game Night

Are you longing for a place where you can feel safe, seen and heard? A safe space to experience a more authentic and deeper connection?

Join us for a virtual gathering to connect with other women over engaging, thought provoking conversations. In small groups, we’ll share our stories to connect deeper with ourselves and others.

Participants will be divided into small discussion groups facilitated by question prompts from the Alegoria Question Card Decks. This is safe space to dive deeper by asking fun, open ended, and sometimes abstract and unexpected questions, while connecting with other women in the community.

    Let's Talk Taxes: MLHC x Women Who Freelance

    DATES: FEBRUARY 16 & 25, 2021

    Let’s Talk Taxes: MLHC x Women Who Freelance

    Tax season is almost upon us and it is important that you have all the information you need to file your 2021 taxes. In this workshop our speaker Michelle Herscu (CPA, MBA) from MLHC will discuss:

    • Tax filing and payment deadlines, late fees and penalties
    • Tax planning opportunities on how to maximize the tax savings on certain deductions
    • Real world examples of how to utilize different deductions and tax credits to save money
    • How incorporating can help in deferring tax
    • When to open a separate bank account and much more!

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